Strip FUT, refined open technique strip FUT Bangkok Thaland

  Step by Step, refined strip FUT



1. An outline is marked by surgeon where the new hairline will be created.






2. The permanent hair zone is selected and the hair is taped so after surgery the wound will be hided. 






3. The selected hairs are shaved and the outline of strip is marked.






4. The donor site is anesthetized and tumescent fluid is injected to plump up the skin in order to avoid nerves, vessels and hair shafts damage.






5. Open technique donor harvesting is applied using 4x prismatic loupes.






6. Start with superficial scoring.






7. A pair of small double skin hooks are placed and gently pull in the opposite directions while cutting perpendicular using a single-bladed knife to between the hair follicles. 






8. After strip is removed, lower edge Trichophytic closure is applied to minimize donor scar.







9. Donor site is closed by retention suture and superficial running stitches.






10. Donor strip.






11. Piece of donor strip is slivered into thinner slices.






12. Slivers of donor strip. 






13. Grafts are prepared under 10 times magnification stereo-microscope.






14. Graft dissection (small slivers are separated into each follicular unit).





15. 1-4 hairs follicular unit grafts.






16. Each follicular unit is grouped and submersed in chilled special Willium's E media ready to transplant.






17. Nerve block to numb the transplanted area by injecting local anesthetics around the main nerve trunk.






18. Tumescent fluid is injected to reduce bleeding, damage of vasculation and nerve prior making recipient slits.






19. Recipient incisions are created using 4-6.5x magnifier prismatic loupes.






20. Coronal slits are made using tiny needles or micro-blade to imitate natural looking you have ever seen.






21. Grafts insertion is carefully done under magnifier.







22. two-hand technique insertion and implanters minimizes crushing of grafts.






23. Stick-and-place technique is applied at the end of procedure to add up the density.







 24. After finish, final check is done to make sure every graft properly positioned and elastic headband is placed at forehead to prevent facial swelling.