Eyebrows hair transplant Bangkok Thailand, BHI clinic

yebrow Transplantation is the permanent and beautiful way to enhance your appearance with affordable cosmetic procedure in single visit.

Why eyebrow transplantation works?
The technique for eyebrow transplantation is similar to the artistry and the permanence of hair transplantation. The fast and effective procedure takes only two to three hours. The technique involves taking a small amount of hair from permanent donor area and transplanting them to the eyebrow region. The state-of-the-art follicular unit hair transplantation technique used for the procedure looks natural and is virtually undetectable with the transplanted hairs blending right in with the existing brow. This is a highly artistic procedure in which a brow is individually designed just for you based on your facial type, your features, and what you personally want to achieve.

Donor harvesting for eyebrow transplant
The surgeon and patient assist in drawing the outline of the eyebrow with marking in the sitting position. Matching the size of existing eyebrow with donor hair is done with micro caliber whenever possible. The donor site is selected from the mid-occipital area to match the caliber of the existing brow (it is least likely to turn gray). The number of grafts depends on the size and feature of the intended reconstruction of the brow. On average 150 to 400 single hair grafts are transplanted on each side.

 strip FUT The donor hairs are trimmed 1 cm long. Open technique donor harvesting is applied to minimize transection and the wound is closed with lower trichophytic closure by deepithelized lower edge in single layer using dissolvable sutures.



2) FUE Non-shaved FUE technique will be applied

The single hair grafts are carefully dissected under 10 times magnification microscope. Ultra skinny single follicular unit grafts were trimmed out the fat and tissue around the hair shaft but remained outer root sheath to accommodate 23 G needles and sometimes 24, 25 G needles for easy insertion and dense packing. These single hair grafts have not been further partitioned. Follicular units that contain more than two hairs are longitudinally sectioned into one-hair unit.