Body hair transplantation, BHI clinic, Bangkok Thailand

Body Hair Transplantation


Some people has extensive baldness or limited donor supply, there is another possibility to harvest hair follicles from different parts of body by FUE technique. Body hair can be harvested from the beard and the chest area called BHT (Body Hair Transplant).

Body hair is significantly different from scalp hair in characteristics and caliber so usually we use them to add on density

Does Body Hair Extraction leave scars?

Our physicians at BHI Clinic have experience in FUE hair transplant surgery and achieve consistently best results in patients whose donor hair supply is depleted.

When Body Hair can be used?

Body hair can thus be used for hair transplants in addition to scalp hair

  •         To add up the density in between your transplanted existing hair, crown area
  •         Repair scar by beard hair.