SMP (Scalp Micro pigmentation)

Non surgical solution to replicate the look of real shaven hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation [SMP]

Follicular 3D tattoo [F3DT]or Scalp Micropigmentation procedure [SMP] So called the tattooing of the follicles by medical grade ink. This is to imitate the natural hair follicles on the scalp. SMP has been well known in the country where the short or skin hair style is popular. People, when reaching the thinnest of the hair, sometimes they decide to shave short to the skin instead of long wearing hair style.

The F3DT or SMP gives the very natural look just like your own pores even in very short to the skin hair style. It simulate perfect enhancement of the pores just like dense hair still there on the top.

Benefits Of Hair Micropigmentation

There are many benefits of scalp follicular 3d Tattoo

  • Natural look and feel.

    The color can be selected according to the original hair color.

  • Safety of the procedure

    The treatment does not use any chemicals, which means no side effects. It also doesn’t require any incisions, so there is little risk of infection.

  • No need to ware of the hair style.

    Since the pigment imitate the pore size, the stylling can be whatever you want, from short to long hair with no limitation.

  • The procedure is only a day case and not time consuming.

    Requiring only topical anesthetic and no recovery time is needed. There may be some swelling after 1-2 days in case of extensive area, but very minimal and self-limiting. The pain approaches zero.

  • The cost is safe.

    Procedure is cost effective compared to other chirgical hair transplant like FUT and FUE method.

  • In combination with mega-FUE procedure, the result can be very impressive.

    Since there are the feeling of hair from FUE while the tattoo enhance the density. This can be a one stop solution for the extensive hair los patient.

  • Semi-permanent, there may require the following touch up procedure in 3-5 years time.

    However, this can be regarded as the good advantage since the hair color change with age. Therefore, the color can be corrected according to the natural hair color at the time.

  • It is also helpful in scar camouflage

    For example ; FUE scar/Strip scar/ Scalp scar from whatever cause.

Thin hair can also be benefit, it can enhance the density.
The candidate includes thin hair with AGA and female hair loss.

Esthetic camouflage

SMP or F3DT adds to the look of fullness by reducing the contrast between your scalp and your hair color. It can also camouflage scars found on the scalp, including those from strip harvesting.

Medical cover up

SMP or F3DT can be used for a variety of scalp conditions, including genetic male pattern baldness (MPB), scarring alopecias (alopecia areata, alopecia totalis), and scarring from neurosurgical procedures or burns.

Our Result - SMP

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    SMP to enhance the density in diffusely thin hair. The instant result can be seen. The darker backgr...