Hair transplant cost and Procedures’ fee

Hair Transplant Cost Bangkok Thailand


The cost of a hair surgery in Thailand and anywhere else depends on the number of graft needed. The number is rely on the extension of the area and the density of the graft [or follicular unit]. One graft contains 1-3 hair follicles. In one square centimeter, the average density for graft can be from 25-50 follicular units or grafts.


The actual or natural density can be higher, however, the cosmetic density confine to 25-50 FU/cm2 by the reason of the confidence in graft survival which derive from the adequate blood supply.

How the cost of the operation is determined?


Cost structure also depends majorly on surgeon’s skill and experience, wages of the assistants, latest instruments , up-to-date technology and few other factors attributed to local condition in each country.The cost of hair transplantation is usually counted as per the number of graft.

The exaggerated low price may not cost-effective since the quality is not going along with too cheap paid. Thai people are craftsmanship by nature and with reasonable wages, the cost of hair transplantation in Thailand is quite fare. The surgeon skill and experience is also world’s standard. This made hair transplantation in Thailand quite acceptable and popular because it is cost-effective.

Our price structure is between 1.5 USD – 3.4 USD according to the number of graft depends on which type of surgery and surgeon.